How can I contact Planet People?
You can contact Planet People by phone at +351 21 122 18 17 (available from 9am to 6pm – GMT). You can also use our contact form, available here.

Does Planet People have a Facebook profile?
Yes. You can visit our Facebook profile here.

I’m implementing a new technology in my company. Why do we need to manage training?
Your people need to be ready for the new technology and for the new ways of working, and you need to be sure that they are. By managing training you will know where you are, namely:
. Who needs to attend training
. Who has attended and missed
. Which training sessions took place
. Who needs to be rescheduled
. The trainees' satisfaction level with each training and trainer
. Things that are working well and things that need to be improved (infrastructure, exercises, trainer, ...)

You will also have visually appealing reports to use in operational and executive steering commitees, that will provide to the team members and executives information for Go-No Go decisions.
What happens when we don't manage training?
When Organizations don't manage training, they lose track of which training sessions were delivered and who participated. By not evaluating training you also lose the possibility of a quality measure. You will not know where you are, and neither will the executives who need to take project decisions flying blind on people readiness.

I need training support but I’m not implementing or upgrading an IT solution, does Planet People provides training coordination services for these situations as well?
Yes. Even though we are equipped to the specifics of technology and change implementation, Planet People provides training coordination services to any training initiative your Organization is going through.

I need to deliver training sessions but I don’t have time to build the training materials. Can Planet People develop them?
Yes. After an assessment of what are your training needs, objectives and contents, we deliver training manuals, exercise booklets, quick reference guides, training presentations, glossaries, exercise sheets and other materials to support your participants’ learning process. We can develop these materials either for instructor lead training, or eLearning and mLearning.

How is the process of building training materials?
After receiving the list of people to contact, we conduct a first interview with your team members to define the list of training materials to produce, with the basic elements of each training. Based on that, we create an instructional design document for each course, that your team members use to send us a rough document with print screens or other visuals in draft. In a quick phone interview, your team member describes the actions needed for each visual, from which we build the first version of the training material, including formatting, improved visuals, the storyline, and other applicable elements. After an internal quality control, this version is sent to your responsible team members for validation.

Can I attend a Planet People’s eLearning course from my mobile device?
Yes. Our LMS (Learning Management System) and e-Learning courses are ready for mobile devices, so you can access your training course anytime, anywhere.

My organization doesn't have an LMS (Learning Management System), or it doesn't support mobile capability. Can our employees use Planet People's LMS to enrol and access their courses?
Yes. We will work with your Human Resources/Learning department to see the best option for your organization, and how to make it easier for your employees.

After completing an eLearning course, do trainees get a Training Certificate in the end?
Yes. After successful completion of an eLearning/ mLearning course, you will receive a Training Certificate (which is not a certification).

I have a large number of participants to train in my company. How can Planet People’s eLearning solutions help me?
eLearning is in its element when there is a high volume of people to train. With our eLearning courses, you can deliver engaging training to large groups, and keep track of your participants’ progress and attendances. Planet People will also provide training reports of completion and evaluation.

I have several groups of participants that are regionally scattered. Can Planet People’s eLearning solutions help me?
eLearning is also in its element when the training population is spread into different geographies. With our eLearning courses, you can deliver engaging training to large groups, and keep track of your participants’ progress and attendances. Planet People will also provide training reports of completion and evaluation. If needed we will work with your translation providers for producing localized versions.

Can I track my participants’ progress?
Yes. According to the training needs and objectives, Planet People will deliver training reports with the necessary information to evaluate eLearning training progress.

I want to deliver eLearning training sessions in my company. Do I need an eLearning platform to do it?
No. Planet People can provide access to the eLearning training courses through our LMS platform.