Some functionalities on this Website, as the Contact Form and the Request a Quote Form, may collect some of your personal information. Planet People takes your privacy seriously and protects the confidentiality and privacy of information entrusted to us.
Planet People’s Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and how do we use it. Please understand that by submitting your information, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted this Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Planet People may change this Privacy Policy at any time without previous notice.

Information we collect:

There are two ways Planet People collects information through this Website. That is when you submit the information requested on our Contact Form or Request a Quote Form.
You can find the information we collect on our Contact Form and on our Request a Quote Form.

How we use the information we collect:

The information we collect when you fill out a Contact Form or a Request a Quote Form, is used for the purposes of those forms:

  • Contact Form: contact the client that filled the form, and provide information about our company or any other that falls under our business area;
  • Request a Quote Form: provide a service proposal to the client, regarding its needs and specifications; contact the client for more information and presentation of the services request on the form.

Furthermore, Planet People may use the collected information for informational purposes on Planet People’s news and services, according to the client or potential client business profile. Every client or potential client is free to cancel this type of contact when made directly by Planet People. To do so, please send us an email using our contact form.

Sharing and Disclosure of Information

Planet People will not, at any time, share or disclose any information from clients or potential clients to third parties.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by using our contact form.